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Getting started


The easiest way to get started with Metafacture is the Playground. Take a look at the first example and run it by pressing the “Process” button. Check out the other examples (first button, “Load Examples”) for different input sources, transformations, and output formats.

For commands available in the Flux, see the Flux commands documentation.

For functions and usage of the Fix, see the Fix functions and cookbook.

Command line

To use Metafacture as a command-line tool, download the latest metafix-runner from our releases page. Extract the downloaded archive and change into the newly created directory (e.g. cd metafacture-runner-0.4.0). Run a Flux workflow with:

$ ./bin/metafix-runner /path/to/your.flux on Unix/Linux/Mac or $ ./bin/metafix-runner.bat /path/to/your.flux on Windows.

To get started, you can export a workflow from the Playground (last button, “Export Workflow”).

To set up IDE support for editing your Flux and Fix files, see the IDE extensions page.

Next steps

For a complete introduction to Metafacture in German, check out the latest iteration of our Metafacture Workshop. For different use cases, e.g. using Metafacture as a library, using the Morph language, and more, see our documentation collection.